The Association aims to develop and improve National and International standards of lifesaving on the beaches of Wales, whilst co-operating with all organisations with similar aims."


Peter Lake, MBE - SLSA Wales President


Surf Life Saving originated in Australia in the early 1900s with the growth of seaside towns and the interest in swimming. Surf Life Saving was then introduced into Great Britain in 1955 in Bude and St Agnes in Cornwall, and Brighton in Sussex.


Clubs were formed in Wales during the mid-1960s at Aberavon, Atlantic College , Barry St Johns, Llantwit Major, Pen-y-bont, Porthmawr and Rhoose. 


Throughout 1967, leading into the winter of 1968, discussions took place between Charles Thomson, Leader of the Extramural Department at Atlantic College, John David and a number of other people, notably Reg Whittle, Frank Clark and Alf Thomas, in creating the Surf Life Saving Association of Wales.  In the spring of 1968, John David was elected as the first Chairman, Reg Whittle as Secretary and Margaret Whittle as Treasurer.

About Surf Lifesaving

The Surf Life Saving Association Wales is a not-for-profit Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) Number ~ 1157762. Thirty-one voluntary lifeguard clubs currently affiliate with SLSA Wales from Jacksons Bay, Barry in the east to Aberystwyth in the west and Rhosneigr on Anglesey in the north. The majority of our lifesavers complete patrols on the weekend and in their own free time.


The primary aims and objectives are to save lives, develop and improve National and International standards of lifesaving whilst cooperating with all organisations with similar goals. We also aim to provide the facilities for young people to participate in organised lifesaving activities and sports competitions.


We are governed by a Management Board of Trustees who are supported by four commissions representing Lifesaving, Powercraft, Sport and Youth. The Commissions are responsible for delivering the annual management plan to support the Board's strategies that will see the organisation fulfil its purpose.

Our Volunteers

Surf lifesaving in Wales, would not exist without its army of volunteers and it is almost impossible to overstate our gratitude to the many thousands of community focused members who have contributed to this.  Below are some of these volunteers, who we have recognised in some small way of the years:



Michael Allen                     Gerald Bassett                       Lyle Bluck                 Glenn Clatworthy            John David                            Martin John              Chris Parry                       Paul Scarborough             Peter Lake MBE             James Marks                Colin Morris                         Paul Edwards 

Andrea Pennell                 Philip Rees                          Tony Rees                 Dallas Robinson           Elizabeth Thomas                Patrick Thomas

Craig Robinson



    Essex Havard                          Frank Smith                      Charles Thomson MBE O.St.J.        Douglas Williams                     Alf Thomas                       Peter Derbyshire                      David Lewis                                  Reg Whittle                                Gerald Cooper             Dr George Middleton MBE



1996     Aled Rees                                  Poppit Sands          

1997     Gerald & Gloria Davies            Rest Bay

1998     Peter Lake                                 Penybont                  

1999     Glen Clatworthy                       Sker

2000    Karen O'Donoghue-Harris       Rhoose                    

2001     James Marks                           Sker

2002    Tony Rees                                  Aberavon                  

2003      Peter Morgan                          Penybont   

2004     Lisa Pritchard-Evans               Aberporth                  

2005      Chris Parry                              Porthmawr

2006    Nigel Martlew                           Rhoose                    

2007      Martin John                            Aberavon

2008    Craig Robinson                        Penybont                  

2009      Gary Pyke                               Llantwit Major

2010    Andrea Pennell                        Llantwit Major            

2011      David Murphy                        Penybont

2012    Craig Robinson                       Penybont                  

2013      Phil Rees                                Rhondda

2014    Lyle Bluck                                 Kenfig Sands            

2015      Steve Chambers                   Aberavon

2016    Julie Wisden                           Penybont                   

2017      David Allen                            Penybont

2018    Jennie Pitt                               Llantwit Major             

2019      Shan Parry                            Porthmawr

2020    Hugh Murray                          Sker and Pink Bay     

2021      Simon Perry                         Rhoose

2022    Andy Morgan                         Rest Bay