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All safeguarding appendices and the Child Protection Policy can be found here.

We are now in our second year of the paperless process for collecting confirmation that all members of SLSA Wales have had sight of and read and understood the Coaches, Members and Volunteers Code of Conduct. 


Codes of conduct are important for all sporting organisations.  They set out a standard and expectation of behaviour for everyone involved – administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents and spectators. Issues covered in Codes of Conduct can be many and varied - from on-field incidents, sideline abuse and mismanagement, to inappropriate social media posts, unfair treatment, poor sportsmanship and more. Codes of conduct are only useful if you communicate on them often – don’t let them gather dust on the shelf.


Club members will receive an email from their Club Safeguarding Officers inviting them to complete the form in the link to confirm that they have read and understood the SLSA Wales Code of Conduct. Members can use the link in the form, access the link from club social media platforms or complete the form using this link


SLSA Wales Code of Conduct Acknowledgement 


Annual renewal of memberships


All clubs are asked again to include this following statement on their membership forms to ensure that members old and new are aware that our organisation does have a Code of Conduct that members are required to uphold. Membership secretaries will tick a box when adding on or renewing memberships and we need to ensure that this is not a cursory tick, making this a tick-box exercise. As an organisation with hundreds of under-18s in our duty of care, it’s our responsibility to ensure our safeguarding processes are followed.

All SLSA Wales Coaches, Members and Volunteers and anyone working under the responsibility of SLSA Wales are required to adhere to its safeguarding policies and procedures.


As a member of The Surf Life Saving Association of Wales, I agree to abide by all of its safeguarding policies and principles.


By signing your membership form, you are confirming that you have read and understood the following key policies. This will be a condition of your membership to SLSA Wales.


  • Coaches, Members and Volunteers Code of Conduct
  • Parents' Code of Conduct
  • Youth Code of Conduct
  • Social Media Policy
  • Anti - Bullying


N.B. In the case of young members, all under 18 members will have sight of the youth Code of Conduct via their club Safeguarding Officers