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The following documents are listed

Public - Notices

Award Status (12/09/2012)

Nipper Stillwater Rule Book (24/11/2015)
Public - Documents

2011 Annual Report (24/11/2015)

2012 Annual report (20/04/2013)

2013 Annual Report (24/11/2015)

2014 Annual Report (24/11/2015)

2015 Annual Report (16/10/2016)

2016 Annual Report (20/03/2017)

2016 Nipper Stillwater Results (02/02/2016)

2016 Youth/Seniors/Masters Stillwater Results (02/02/2016)

2017 Nipper Stillwater results (10/03/2017)

2017 Youth, Seniors, Mastersr Stillwater results (10/03/2017)

CIO Bye-laws (09/07/2014)

CIO Charity Certificate (27/10/2014)

CIO Conflict of Interest Policy (09/07/2014)

CIO Constitution (09/07/2014)

CIO Disciplinary Appeal Procedure (04/03/2015)

CIO Disciplinary Procedure (04/03/2015)

CIO Finance Policy (09/07/2014)

CIO Hospitality Policy (09/07/2014)

FPOS Training (14/10/2012)

ILSE Competition Rule Book 2015 (26/01/2015)

Members log-in procedures (15/12/2016)
Public - Safeguarding

Accident Reporting Form (26/05/2016)

Anti Bullying Policy (26/05/2016)

Bullying Incident Report Form (26/05/2016)

Child Protection Policy Feb 17 (28/02/2017)

Code of Conduct (05/09/2016)

Code of Conduct Parents (26/05/2016)

Code of Conduct Young People (28/02/2017)

DBS information gather form (28/02/2017)

DBS Returns Sheet (30/05/2016)

Event Photo Policy Poster (26/05/2016)

Event Photography sign in sheet (26/05/2016)

Incident Report Form (26/05/2016)

Lost and Found Child Form (26/05/2016)

Members Agreement use of Social Media (26/05/2016)

New Employee Reference Form (26/05/2016)

New Members Application Form (26/05/2016)

NEW PP DBS Process for CPOs` (01/03/2017)

NEW PP Role of the CPO (01/03/2017)

NEW PP Safeguarding young people away from home (01/03/2017)

Parental Guardian Consent Form (26/05/2016)

Photography Consent Form (26/05/2016)

Responding to concerns about a Volunteer (26/05/2016)

Responding to concerns about Parent/Carer (26/05/2016)

SLSAW Child Friendly CPP 2016 (26/05/2016)

Update Service annual check consent form (28/02/2017)



Entry Deadlines
Welsh Nipper Championships 8th July
Welsh Ocean Championships 22nd July

Please be aware on these dates at 20.00hrs the MIS automatic...
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IRB Testing
Welcome to IRB Bulletin 002/17 from SLSA Wales Powercraft.
IRB Bulletins will be issued by SLSA Wales Powercraft throughout the year ...
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Flag Signals
The flag signals to be assessed from 2017 are now available to download from the Technical folder in the Members area....
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UK Drowning Strategy
The UK national drowning prevention strategy 2016-2026 can now be downloaded from the Technical folder in the members area log-in portal....
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Welcome to the first IRB Bulletin of 2017 from SLSA Wales Powercraft.
IRB Bulletins will be issued by SLSA Wales Powercraft throughout the year to help keep your Club informed on the IRB issues that affect your Club and ...
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