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With light diminishing and many of our clubs moving indoors or back into pools. Now is a good time to remind clubs of the existing policies and some slight changes in Wales Government Guidance. Please remember if you do not comply with the SLSA Wales guidelines you may not be insured.

The initial guidance from SLSA Wales hasn’t changed and the main principles still apply:
• No group should be more than 30 (multiple groupings are now permitted, see below)
• Social distancing should be maintained at all times (including under 11 where possible)
• All new activities should be risk assessed
• Track and trace procedures in place
• Equipment disinfected between use

Full guidance can be found here (copy and paste link into your web-browser)

Face masks
Following changes to the Covid regulations Monday 14 September 2020. Members and coaches should wear face coverings indoors at all times, where they are not actively exercising/participating/coaching. There are limited exceptions for health reasons, and during physical exertion.

Indoor and swimming pools
All hired facilities should have their own COVID 19 response and procedures in place. Clubs should make themselves familiar with these and work with the facility to follow these procedures in addition to the SLSA Wales guidance.

Clubs are also reminded not to use raised voices or shout in confined indoor spaces due to the higher risk of droplet transmission.

Changes to the groups of 30
We have been informed that Welsh Government will soon be making a change in the guidance regarding ‘gatherings’ and specifically the limit of 30 people. This will mean that multiples of 30 will be allowed where the space is sufficient (it will be based on 100sqft per person or 3sqm per bather). This will apply both indoors and outdoors.

We have today received notice from Welsh Government that they will be amending the guidance around “gatherings” indoors to allow exercise spaces to operate more effectively, whilst remaining Covid safe. The guidance will be amended to say the following at the next available opportunity:

“Where people exercise together indoors at a fitness studio, gym, swimming pool, other indoor leisure centre or facility or any other open premises, gatherings should not exceed 30 people and physical distancing must be maintained. Examples of people exercising together include a group swimming lesson or fitness class, and swimming or gym sessions open to the general public.

Simultaneous gatherings of individuals and groups up to 30 people are allowed within a large space such as a swimming pool, a gym, or a sports hall, as long as the space allows for physical distancing, with groups and individuals separated and managed safely. This should only be considered where space is sufficient to allow 100sqft per person or 3sqm per bather as set out in UK Active Guidance, where entry and exit for individuals and groups can be managed, and where the space can be partitioned so individuals and groups do not interact, without limiting the ability to allow appropriate ventilation and control environmental factors such as humidity in each space.”

This will allow for more efficient usage of spaces that are large enough to operate strict physical distancing and ensure that the venue otherwise remains Covid safe.

We understand “bathers” here could also read “persons” so can apply to wet and dry side activities and are awaiting clarification on this.

We also understand this will allow multiple groups, who are separated, to meet outdoors on a single pitch as long as the groups do not overlap in any respect. However, this would not apply to events where officials etc are shared across multiple “waves”.

If you have any more questions please use the email and someone will be in touch.

SLSA Wales Trustees



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