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The latest news from the SLSA Wales sports commission. Please share with your club members.

With COVID restrictions relaxing SLSA wales have started the getting beck to sports initiative with a series of local twilight competitions. It has been an opportunity for those new to the sport to experience racing, old hands a chance to meet up with other clubs and our officials a chance to prepare for next years bigger events. The events are focused around fun not winning and open to U15, U17 & Open.

The remaining two twilights take place on Thursday 29th July & Thursday 5th August. If you would like to take part make sure you register:


Nipper Junior Twilights

With most Nipper Juniors getting their basic training from the clubs over the last few weeks we feel it`s now time they are introduced to the competitive side of lifesaving. Following a similar format to the Junior twilights, we will be running two Nipper Junior Twilights. Clubs will attend the same beaches as the Junior twilights.

Event 1 - Thursday 26 August - Swim, Board, Swim relay, Board Relay
Event 2 - Thursday 2 September - Super nipper (swim, Board, run), Sprints, Long Run

Each athlete wishing to take part will need to register via the online form.

Athlete Development Programme

Working towards GBR Team Selection for the 2022 ILS World Championships, SLSA Wales would like to know more about and to offer help to Athletes who will be eligible.

The Youth Team age eligibility criteria for the ILS 2022 Worlds is that competitors who reach age 15, 16, 17 or 18 by 31 December 2022 are eligible. Anyone who turns 14 or 19 in 2022 is not eligible.

The Open Team age eligibility criteria for the ILS 2022 Worlds is that competitors who turn 16 years of age or older on or before 31 December 2022 There is no maximum age. Competitors who are younger than 15 or turn 15 in 2022 are not eligible

There are very few, or no, high-level preparatory competitions for most of those in the eligible group. The next opportunity to show what you can do will probably be the GBR Team selection tests starting later this year.

This Development Programme is aimed to provide information, guidance and help for eligible Athletes for their selection preparations.


In phase one, we are looking for the following criteria from athletes:
1 Swim 200m in 2 minutes 40 seconds and
2 Either Run 100m in 17 seconds or
3 Ski paddle 400m in 3 minutes 30 seconds or
4 Board paddle 400m in 5 minutes.

If you don`t currently meet these times, there will be a further enrolment event on Saturday 11th September. Here you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your ability across a number of disciplines in person, (Details TBC).


Your club coach must send an e-mail headed “Development Plan Nomination” to:

This email should state:

1 times for the above criteria
2 their current level of training
3 the events you recommend your athlete should be considered for.

With the first GBR selection event likely to be only 3 months away the deadline for phase one will close midday Wednesday 4th August.

Please Note: This programme is not part of the GBR Team Selection process.

2022 National Events

As COVID restrictions continue to ease we are hopeful that in 2022 we will be able to go back to our full calendar of sporting events.

Although not yet confirmed and subject to COVID restriction at the time, the Stillwater Championships will be held in Swansea pool:

Youth / Seniors / Masters - 29 & 30 January 2022

Nippers - 5 February 2022

We are currently looking for clubs willing to host the 2022 Nipper championships and the 2022 Youth/Senior/ Masters Ocean Championships. If your club is willing to host then please send an email to:



Date: Saturday 11th September 2021
Time: First race 10:00
Location: Coney Beach, Porthcawl
Registration link:
Events: Swim / Board...
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