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Very important urgent announcement about completing entries for the Lifesaving World Championships 2022.

Please pass the information contained in this notice to your national team management, and to all of your club teams that are entering the Masters Lifesaving World Championships:

1. Entries for the forthcoming Lifesaving World Championships 2022 continue to be received and processed in significant numbers. Many teams have already successfully taken the necessary action to register their team, enter their competitor details and pay the relevant entry fees. However, as often happens with many teams entering World Championships, some teams are leaving it very late to even start the process.

2. This is a strong reminder that any team, whether it is a National Team or a Masters team, can only enter the OrgaNet competition system once they have purchased the required accommodation and service packages through the Orion agency to get the necessary Orion Access Code. It cannot be obtained in any other way, so please do not ask us to make an exception, it will not be granted. It is also not a process that can be completed quickly, and teams should not leave it until the last minute before taking the necessary steps.

3. The ILS Event Management Committee has decided to push back the impending closure of the normal entry period on 7th August to 21st August 2022.

4. This decision has been taken in order to reduce the pressure

On all teams in completing their package purchases and then registering in OrgaNet, completing their entries and paying the required entry fees before 7th August.
On the organisers in processing the inevitable surge in entries before 7th August to avoid teams having to incur late entry fees.

5. However, it must be understood by all National Teams and Masters Teams that by the revised normal entry closure date of 21st August 2022 they must have

Registered their team in OrgaNet

Had it approved by the ILS and Organising Committee

Entered all of their competitors into the events in which they will participate

Fully paid all entry fees.

6. Any entries not completed as above after that date may not be accepted by the local organising committee, but if they are they will definitely incur late entry fees.

7. The extension of the date also means that this is consistent with that of the FIN Rescue World Cup for Age Groups 15 to 29 that is being held alongside the Masters Lifesaving World Championships.

8. If you have any questions about this notice, please contact me at by email as soon as possible.

Kind regards

John Martin MBE

ILS Event Director



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Lifesaving World Championships 2022
Very important urgent announcement about completing entries for the Lifesaving World Championships 2022.

Please pass the information contai...
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